ITG Megaflow Performance F2 Stock Car Air Filter JC10

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The multi-layer foam filter materials are similar to those in the MEGAFLOW ranges and are therefore fire-retardant. The filter is rated for up to 260 or 350 bhp, so it has plenty of capacity in reserve.

It can also be used with any of the DGAR, DGAS or DGR ranges of carburetors.

The standard JC10 is now available with an increased overall height (JC10R) for greater dust holding capacity.

These simple, light, but robust air filters come complete with baseplate, brackets and clips for a quick-release attachment to the Weber DGV or DGAV carburetors used in the F2 Stock Car formula.

A-Inside Clearance B-Width C-Length  D-Height
80 mm 148 mm 192 mm 105 mm
532 in 1316 in 916 in 18 in