ITG Megaflow Performance Air Filter JC50/65

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A-Inside Clearance B-Width C-Length  D-Height
65 mm 148 mm 436 mm 90 mm
2 9/16 in 5 27/32 in 17 5/32 in 3 17/32 in


These versatile filters are easily recognizable by their twin bright red bands around the top and bottom. They should not be confused with the many inferior types of foam air filter.

These bands are the visible part of two fiber reinforced nylon injection moldings which form the structure on which the unique Tri-Foam filter system is bonded.

The two outer layers of foam provide optimum filtration and load-up capacity while the inner layer is made of special self extinguishing filter foam.

Together, they give the best combination for air flow, engine protection and safety.

All optional baseplates for the ITG Megaflow range are made from steel which is powder coated in bright red.

ITG recommend fitting the tallest element possible, though a gap of 1/2" (13mm) average must be left over the top of the filter for air to circulate.

If using rampipes, there must be an absolute minimum gap of 3/4" (19mm) or preferably 1 1/4" (32mm) between the end of the pipe and the underside of the top of the filter.

Note: Other ITG stock sizes available, please contact us for pricing.

Important: All filters must be oiled with ITG dust retention oil prior to use.

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